Tales as Old as Time


Tales as Old as Time highlights various creatures and characters from classic tales, myths and folklore.

Created by Susan Warlock, a painter, illustrator and storyteller who has worked, for the past three years, from a studio at Ushaw. Susan’s art reflects her life-long fascination with folklore, myths and legends, particularly those tales with dark energy and magic.

As Susan describes, “We are so used to reading and watching the sanitised, watered down or sugar-coated Disney versions of well-known stories that we can forget that these tales are hundreds of years old handed down from generation to generation. Although entertaining, their original purpose was as moralistic tales for social good, often terrifying both children and adults alike into not straying from the accepted path.

All of the works in Tales as Old as Time are for sale; if you are interested in making a purchase, please enquire at the Reception desk in the foyer.


Ushaw Historic House, Chapels & Gardens
Ushaw, Durham, DH7 7DW
28 Feb 2022 - 22 May 2022

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