Lost Words – Fusion Textile Artists

Fusion is a group of textile and mixed media artists based in the North East of England. The group meets regularly to give mutual support, advice, and encouragement about each other’s work. They engage in a practical workshop weekend at least once a year, and regularly exhibit together. While all of the 13 members often work towards a common theme, each artist has a different approach to creating their contemporary textile artwork – producing a range of work which is diverse in both technique and interpretation.

The theme of Lost Words has given much scope for interpreting lettering and written work in a variety of exciting ways.

The world is changing rapidly on so many fronts – climate, pollution, wildlife, travel, communications. Our use of words has reflected this: social media has heralded the arrive of ‘text speak’ and shortforms, new words and acronyms are constantly being added to our vocabulary, while older words and phrases cease to have the same meaning for a younger generation.

The printed word on the page is becoming less common as electronic memories take over, and documents and letters which were significant many years ago may have lost their significance in un accessed archives. Discussions around the possible interpretations of this title have led to an appreciation of the diversity of views, both of words and of art.

Many of the works in the exhibition are for sale. If you wish to make a purchase please enquire at the Reception desk.


Ushaw Historic House
Ushaw, Durham, DH7 7DW
28 Aug 2023
Free with Annual Pass/Day Pass

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