Fantastic Beasts

Ushaw is home to a dazzling collection of art, objects and books. There are paintings and sculptures, fine stained-glass windows in our chapels and a huge Library containing over 50,000 books.

Many of the objects and books include images of animals and beasts; some of our buildings are decorated with animals, too. Lots of these beasts are recognisable – others are far stranger and perhaps more fanciful and wonderful.

Fantastic Beasties includes images of some of these commonplace, bizarre and scary creatures, highlighting what may be hidden and throwing light on what might be overlooked.

Some of the creatures we’ve found for Fantastic Beasties are hiding in plain sight on the outside walls of St Cuthbert’s Chapel. After you’ve viewed the exhibition, see if you can find them, too.

01 - 19 Sep 2021

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