Mike Attewell – Embellished Fiction

Come to Ushaw and view paintings by long-term Durham City resident Mike Attewell from 9 September – 5 November, celebrating Embellished fiction and a lifetime of creativity.

Mike trained as an artist at King’s College, Newcastle, specialising in sculpture and education, and spent most of his career working in local secondary schools. Following early retirement from teaching in 1987, he has allowed his imagination to run riot in paintings with themes from his pre-war childhood memories, classical myths and legends, bible stories and Shakespeare plays, as well as depicting dreams and nightmares.

Says Mike, “My rule is to paint from imagination, without models and certainly not using photographs”. “ That means that I have freedom to create from my memories, and from the images conjured in my mind from reading or listening to music. My paintings often develop as they go along, as each brush stroke can suggest new ideas and inspiration.”

“When legends are the inspiration for a painting, using your imagination is particularly helpful”. “Where would I find a model for Bacchus with such a lecherous look?” “And where would I find a long haired muscle-man to model for Samson, let alone a monkey to symbolise his lack of resolve?”

“Stories, even children’s fairy tales, can help us make sense of the world and come to terms with the challenges we face in our everyday lives”.” I hope my work gives entertainment and food for thought.”

To find out more about Mike and his work, please visit: mike-attewell.co.uk

All of the artworks in the exhibition are up for sale, if you would like to make a purchase, please enquire at our reception desk.

Entry to Mike Attewell – Embellished Fiction is free for those with an Ushaw Annual Pass and Day Pass.

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Ushaw Historic House
Ushaw, Durham, DH7 7DW
05 Nov 2023
Free with Annual Pass/Day Pass

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