A Way Home – Live Theatre at Ushaw

It’s 1951 and a third of County Durham’s villages have been classified as ‘D’. No longer deemed worthy of investment, they’re expected to die quietly. But they refuse to go without a fight.

A Way Home is a new play rooted in the stories and memories of the people who called those D villages home. A County-wide fight lasting over 25 years becomes a 12-month journey at Bet’s kitchen table as she and her family grapple with what identity, loss and belonging really look like.

With humour, tenderness and not a small amount of grit, A Way Home tells a story just as relevant today as it was 70 years ago. It speaks of fighting to be heard when no one’s listening, of grappling to hold onto the past and of finding a place to belong.

Book now for either of the two performances:

– Matinee 2pm
– Evening show at 7pm

Set to last approx. 2 hours, with a 15 minutes interval.

Performances presented by CaroleWProductions

Also included with your ticket price: 

A Rich Seam – Passions run high and memories do not fade on the subject of County Durham’s Category D villages – a panel discussion on the facts and fictionalisation of their story with members of the cast and Katherine Waugh PHD of Newcastle University.

If you booked the matinee performance, please stay seated (if you would like to) as “A Rich Seam” post-show talk will take place immediately after which will run for approximately 30 minutes. For the evening show why not come early; join us for the talk and enjoy the House, Chapels & Gardens which will remain open from 4pm for theatre ticket holders only.

Come and listen to the Pitmen Poets’ music in the atmospheric Refectory and have a drink. The Refectory will be open for bar service from 4.30pm.

The North of England Institute for Mining and Mechanical Engineers are showcasing an exhibition. The Architect behind Neville Hall, which is their base and home, studied at Ushaw, Archibald Matthias Dunn! He was one of the minds behind the redesign of St Cuthbert’s Chapel in the 1880s.

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11 Jun 2022
£6 - £8

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