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A range of full-day educational workshops for schools.

Conducted by our experienced education officer, our exciting and engaging sessions give pupils the opportunity to explore our unique history, collections and grounds.



Victorian School Day Experience

This immersive experience will bring history to life in a fun, memorable and engaging way. 

Be led through your day by our very own Victorian schoolmaster who has been sucked through a time vortex just to see you. Enjoy subjects taught in these very rooms many years ago as you experience life as an Ushaw scholar. 

Conducted by our Schools Education Officer and Activate Theatre.

Suitable for Key Stage 2
National Curriculum links: History, PE & Geography

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Keep the Faith a Secret

Delve into Ushaw’s 450-year history and discover the lengths England’s Catholics went to in order to protect their way of life at a time when being a Catholic became illegal.

Crack the secret codes used to practise faith in secret and uncover gruesome punishments. Interact with real artefacts from the 17th century as we discover what life was like for Catholics. In this PSHE/Citizenship session, we will discuss how a religion became outlawed and decide whether we would risk our lives or try and protect ourselves, and find out whether intolerance really has been banished to the past.

Suitable for Key Stage 2
National Curriculum links: PSHE and History

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Pugins Pupils

Discover how the Pugins created such a wonderful building.

Starting with a tour of the majestic chapels, we will discover just what makes the buildings so special. We will explore the different areas of the church, and how they are still used today for religious services. Using the incredible work of Pugin as our inspiration, we will create art work in his style using mediums such as printing or stained glass windows.

Suitable for Key Stage 1 & 2
National Curriculum links: History, RE & Art 

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Beasts and Beyond

Unlock some of the beastly secrets held deep in the library.

Discover the beasts that are lurking within its pages and the tales of how they came to be there. Join us as we try to work out what the author was describing, before creating our own book of curiosities. Enjoy an introduction to historic illustration as we use printing techniques to bring our creations to life.

Suitable for Key Stages 2 & 3
National Curriculum links: English & Art 

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Mysteries Abound

Do you have a cunning team of sleuths to help us solve a mystery which has confounded our best detectives?

Join us for a day of hunting clues, solving puzzles and using your logic, reasoning and inference skills to help us finally unearth what happened. Similar to an escape room, clues will be hidden around the house and grounds for children to find in small groups. These clues will require a range of skills from logic and inference to map reading and orienteering. An immersive day of sleuthing culminating with a presentation of their evidence and theories in the theatre.  

Suitable for Key Stage 2
National Curriculum links: Maths, English & Geography

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