Faith &

Ushaw has been a place of worship since 1808. Mass is still celebrated every Friday, which everyone is welcome to attend.

Faith at The Forefront

The large complex of chapels that forms the spiritual centre of Ushaw was planned by AWN Pugin in 1840.

Their overwhelming value is as religious spaces which, together with their fixtures, fittings and works of art; form an integrated and joined up whole.

There is no doubt, though, that the spiritual and architectural jewel in the crown of Ushaw is St Cuthbert’s Chapel.

Shaping Who We Are

We must acknowledge Ushaw’s purpose now is different to that for which it was established.

We no longer train seminarians for the priesthood or provide formal school education, yet we do welcome tens of thousands of visitors each year.

Many of whom come to marvel and wonder at our chapels complex and who already use the chapels for faith events and prayer.

Weekly Mass

At the heart of Ushaw’s faith programme is the weekly Mass, which is held at 12.30pm every Friday.

Attracting a regular congregation, often supplemented by visitors to the House and Gardens, who are delighted to discover that the chapel is still in regular use. 

Ushaw’s chaplain, Canon Bob Spence, leads the Friday Mass, and is supported by a team of volunteer sacristans and by organist Bill Gray, who is the organist both for weekly Masses and for special events.  

A Working Church

Ushaw is keen that St Cuthbert’s Chapel is seen as a working church not a museum piece.

Our current liturgical plan also includes Carol Services, other occasional services and celebrates key festivals such as St Cuthbert’s & that of the Douai Martyrs.

There is also a weekly Ushaw prayer group, which meets either online, or in person at Ushaw.

A space where visitors are able to explore their faith – to understand the history of Christianity, the Reformation – even answering the question: What is a church?

We are open to all and fully support ecumenical and interfaith activities and services. 

Upcoming Events

Our next regular service
Friday Mass weekly at 12.30pm

Stations of the Cross will be held every week during Lent on Friday afternoon

Days of Reflection
Throughout the year

Corpus Christi
To be announced in due course

Prayer Group
The prayer group continues to meet weekly on Zoom on Friday mornings